Future Simulated Daily Stream Flow Data for Lake Superior North Shore Tributaries

Projected future daily flows for future conditions (2061-2080), calculated for all NHDPlus catchments in the study region, based on 2 climate scenarios (GFDL, Hadley) and 1 land cover change scenarios (2070LE).

Projected future flow data were simulated using HSPF for the tributary streams draining to Lake Superior, along the Minnesota North Shore. The future daily flow time series were calculated for all stream segments within the Baptism, Knife, and Poplar rivers, based on the NHDPlus V2 (National Hydrography Dataset) using calibrated HSPF models (Hydrologic Simulation Program Fortran).

When comparing historical and future stream flow, it is important to compare data that were simulated using the same climate source, e.g. compare future stream flows obtained using the GFDL climate data to historical stream flows obtained using GFDL climate data. This helps eliminate the effect of biases in the climate models.

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