Duluth Urban Intensity - Land Cover

The software extension "Feature Analyst" (Textron Systems) was run numerous times for each feature class using Duluths' high resolution (3 inch pixels) photography. Due to file size limitations, the imagery was resampled to 1 meter before processing. from Feature Analyst web site:"Feature Analyst software utilizes the spatial context as well as the spectral and pattern information within the image. The user selects training sites that represents the desired feature, then chooses a template that examines the spatial context of the target pixels within the training sites. Spatial context evaluates not only the target pixels, but the surrounding pixels to learn what to look for in the rest of the image." Note: The high resolution Duluth imagery does not extend into Carlton county. This necessitated finding another source of aerial photos. The best, most convenient source, held in-house, was Minnesota DNR 1 meter summer imagery taken in 2010.Classes:1 - buildings2 - water features3 - grass/lawn4 - conifer5 - deciduous6 - impervious surfaces (other than buildings)7 - undetermined (shadow, bedrock, etc)

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Author George Host, Paul Meysembourg, Lucinda Johnson
Last Updated July 26, 2022, 01:03 (UTC)
Created May 4, 2022, 23:42 (UTC)
spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-92.355246067,46.6850850336],[-92.355246067,46.9833972149],[-91.9444732666,46.9833972149],[-91.9444732666,46.6850850336],[-92.355246067,46.6850850336]]]}