Duluth Urban Intensity - Greenness

Land-use parcel information was obtained from both Carlton and St. Louis county. These 70 detailed classes were subjectively ranked 1-5. One being the "least green" and five being the "most green". Criteria included building/lawn ratio, type of business (industrial?/commercial?/residential?, relative number of daily/weekly/monthly visitors to each parcel, impervious surface to parcel size ratio.TPCLS1 Cnt_TPCLS1 reclassAg Non-Productive Contiguous45Agricultural285Apartment (4 or more units)9593Assessed Elsewhere173Cemeteries - Private45Cemeteries - Public495Charitable Institutions1463Childrens Homes13Church Properties3594Colleges - Private263Colleges - Public1823Commercial Non-Preferred10882Commercial Preferred16582Commercial Seasonal Res Rec (Resort)24Commons Area Assessed Parcel84County Public Property - All Other684County Public Service Enterprises83DEDA743Emergency Shelters for Victims of Abuse23Federal National Forest25Federal Public Property504Hospitals - Private922Housing Redevelopment Authority Property3083Ice Arenas/Ball Parks Owned by Non-Profits215Indian Lands - Non-Reservation53Indian Reservation - In Lieu Tax @ 5%13Indian Reservations13Industrial Non-Preferred3521Industrial Preferred1251K-12 schools - Private432K-12 Schools - Public3992Ma & Pa Resort14Managed Forest Lands115Manufactured Home Park112Marina42Marina Non-Preferred92Micellaneous123Municipal - All Other31343Municipal Public Service Enterprises322Non-Comm Seasonal Res. Rec. Linked Parcels24Non-Comm Seasonal Residential Recreational384Non-Profit Comm Service Org (Donations)63Non-Profit Comm Service Org (Non-Revenue)43Nonprofit nursing homes103Public Utility Non-Preferred2462Public Utility Preferred12Qual Low Income Rental Housing - 3 units42Qual Low Income Rental Housing - 4+ units792Qualifying Golf Course25Railroad Non-Preferred (Commercial)52Railroads4872Residential 1 unit231162Residential 1 unit Previously SRR23Residential 2-3 units or Vacant Land41563Residential Hstd 1 Unit in Apartment233Residential Non-Homestead (Single Unit)204Rural Vacant Land2845Seaway Port Authority of Duluth1292Special Taxing Districts143St. Louis County Fairgrounds122State Acquired Lands-From Taxable/PILT163State Administered Lands-Prv Exempt/PILT493State Forests, Parks and Wildlife Refuges15State Public Property14562Streets and Roadways3801Tax Forfeited-Real Estate/PILT or Sev Min45973Telephone Non-Preferred (Commercial)112Telephone Preferred (Commercial)72Transitional Housing92Unclassified153Water/Wastewater Treatment Facilities412

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Author George Host, Paul Meysembourg, Lucinda Johnson
Last Updated July 25, 2022, 18:59 (UTC)
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spatial {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-92.355246067,46.6850850336],[-92.355246067,46.9833972149],[-91.9444732666,46.9833972149],[-91.9444732666,46.6850850336],[-92.355246067,46.6850850336]]]}